Plex Launcher



At some point, you may have found yourself wanting to launch the "modern" Plex app from the desktop, or as part of a startup script, instead of clicking on the start screen icon.


If so, you may find the attached tool useful.  It basically launches the Plex app.  So you can drop it into a Startup folder or some such if you want Plex to auto-run when you log in.


The file includes C++ source code and a pre-compiled x86 binary.  As you might imagine, this tool is completely unsupported, and comes with no warranty whatsoever.


Awesome! This is the perfect complement to my harmony remote!


wow it actually works..

If I didn't already switch back to PHT because PHT allows direct play... and renders subtitles correctly... I would use this.

imo plex for windows 8 has a much better interface.


nice thanks!

love the plex app for windows 8 ... unfortunately compared to android or web it hase a bit limited capabilitys.


I've found another easy way to launch plex app:

explorer.exe shell:AppsFolder\CAF9E577.Plex_aam28m9va5cke!App


Thanks a bunch fellas. Yuzvir's trick worked like a charm.

Gotta admire microsoft for making a shortcut on your desktop for w8 apps so brilliantly hard for average users. Don't even get me started on making shortcuts inside "metro" for non .exe files. It's Insane

I'm curious Yuzvir,  how did you do this, and how can one do this for other windows 8 apps?

EDIT: looks like it's in "C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Packages"


Now a deeper question does one make it launch in Fullscreen mode by default?


@SauRoNZA said:
Now a deeper question does one make it launch in Fullscreen mode by default?
I'd say enable tablet mode? There is probably a switch when you launch an app, but that's one thing that will make the app fullscreen by default: tablet mode.


Hi, did I get it right that there is no change for fullview PLEX with the newest version (3.0.34) from windows store?


Well if you don’t want plex to open every time your computer boots and you have a built in microphone, or one set up, you can always use Cortana …

“hey Cortana, open plex”