Plex Live and DVR over the internet


How does Plex Live and DVR work over the internet? Or is this even possible?

Ideally, I'd like to allow family/friends to stream Plex Live and DVR from my Plex server. I have AT&T 1G service at my house.


I use LiveTV and share it with my sister in El Paso, Brother in Flgstaff and I watch it on the go on my Android phone.

Most video streams these days are super compressed and require 5Mbps or less so 1Gbps is plenty.
The main thing to worry about is your CPU on your PMS rig cause hes might need to do on the fly transcoding for the clients depending on what clients you plan to use and how many people will stream at a time.

And yeah I have recordings setup for my Sister that she watches over the internet and I only have Comcast 75Mbps.


You cannot share Live TV only recordings from a TV Tuner


@umiq88 Correct trough the native plex you cant share Live TV at this time but with this plugin you can, that is if you use HDHR.


Thanks folks!