Plex live tv continually freezes. Are there router settings that need to be changed? See comment:



When running live tv or recording on the PLEX app the picture will freeze or week signal will display. However this never happens when watching the HD homerun app or the live TV app. My PLEX media server is running on Nvidia Shield. The HD Homerun signal meter shows the Net Rate dropping to 0 when the interference occurs. Again, this only happens when viewing live or recording on the plex app.


Hello Plex community. I need your help on this problem. Why does Plex say weak signal while watching OTA TV while other OTA TV apps produce great picture with no problems?


Good luck getting an official answer, it will never come. Previously, it’s been reported that PLEX is more sensitive to signal fluctuations from the antenna. I’ve given up on live tv with PMS and the Shield. I’ll either use the TV’s tuner or the HDHomerun app.