Plex lost connection to NAS



Hello folks, first thank you all for support us by this awsome product.

So, after to update Plex to the last version ( my devices like TV/tablet/phone has been lost a connection with the server several times during the day. Only rebooting the NAS i can see Plex server again with no problems. And sometimes, even after the restart the server, i have to restart plex services to work.

You guys have any idea if we have problems with this update? Because i can see this situation only after the update. Before that i never see problems...

Thanks in advance.

My NAS - Seagate Personal Cloud 3TB, last version firmware ( and hardare (n090103).



Good luck getting an answer. Mine does the exact same thing. It’s always “losing connection” with the server…and whenever there’s an update available everything just stops working. I’ve tried to get answers on the forum before and never get any responses. Plex support is really horrible.