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When trying to install Media Server update on my MacMini running MacOs 10.11.5 from version to latest version I get an Update Problem.

There was a problem installing the update.

Unable to create symlink /var/folders/4h/wd98khmn76lb1n433n1hsc100000gn/T/plexUpdater.QVEBzb/Plex Media to Versions/Current/Resources details: File exists

What to do?

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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I'm in the same boat!


Same issue here.. the var folder name and file is different but same issue. Perhaps solution is to uninstall and reinstall clean version? Will see what happens I guess


Same error message here. Trying to get my PS4 to find my PMS. No luck yet, anxious for a fix.


I have the same issue!

Have anyone heard anything from PLEX? they are supposed to have really good support i have heard!

/var/folders/js/nr5lyxy53_qdny6xcjq7nzpm0000gn/T/plexUpdater.TXGPZz/Plex Media to Versions/Current/Resources details: File exists


I too have the same problem....
same message as stenos...



I too have just received this message. Any fixes yet?


same here.


I've read somewhere that Plex had issues with symlink when installed in a pool of hard drives. The recommendation was to install on a single hard drive and not on a partition built of many disks.

My install was on windows at the time.


@stenos said:
Have anyone heard anything from PLEX? they are supposed to have really good support i have heard!

They do, but this is a forum here, not a Support Ticket System. ;)

The community exchanges here and sometime a thread catches their attention.


I have this same problem, any word on a fix, or is this a new feature?


I was able to mitigate this bug by downloading a new copy of the server app, exiting the current server, then copying the new server into the application folder. When I started the server up again, it was up to date. Now I'll have to see if the next update can occur as designed instead of this manual kluge.


The upgrade worked for me after I deleted the problematic symlinks so that the installer can recreate them:

cd /Applications/Plex\ Media\
rm -f Growl Headers Resources Versions/Current


Same problem with the December 2017 server update. This time I downloaded from, erased my local server, then copied the new server into Applications. The error was a little different this time, something about a growl file that already existed. I believe trashing the old server and copying a new server too less of my time, so I'm ok with that. However, it would be nice to be able to go back to the days when I could just click on the "Install Updates" button on the settings menu. When you hire developers off the street, the user experience tends to drop through the floor.