Plex Media Player crashes on fresh install of OS X 10.11.6



Plex Media Player would not open on a MacBook Pro mid-2008. I did a clean install of the OS X 10.11.6, and the first thing I downloaded was Plex Media Player, but it still will not open. 'Service exited with abnormal code: 1'


Oops! mid-2009.

Also, there is no ~/Library/Logs/Plex* The ‘service exited’ messsage came from searching for Plex in


v2.07.7.687 PMP Preview also crashes in the same way. Abnormal code 1. No crash dump or log created.


moving to the Plex Media Player forum (from the Plex Media Server forum)


Is the Mac 32 bit or 64 bit?
Only 64-bit supported


Lion 10.7 was the last 32 bit kernel for the Mac Platform. Sierra 10.12 will be the last to support 32 bit apps. I gather the discussion is about after a “fresh install of 10.11.6” El Capitan so support for 64 bit is assured.


Thanks for the clarification @Gdr56

I do not have a Mac - is it possible to launch Plex Media Player app in terminal as we do for Plex Media Server when it fails just after launch ? If it is possible then there may be actual errors that would get returned


From what I understand is that that you would have to" killall" as a command before trying to open