Plex media player is frozen - can anyone help or tell me how to reset plex without losing everything



Have Qnap NAS with HMDI connection to samsung TV, has been working flawlessly (apart from the sound issue - which goes when fiddling with remote?!). Added music library to plex but now screen is frozen and remote has no effect. Plex is working normally on our Mac and ipads. Is there a simple way to restart the media player? Thanks in advance.


Before you reset it, you may want to try, to just unplug it from the wall socket and let it stay that way for a minute or two.
If the problem still occurs, next try the "Reset SmartHub" option on the settings menu.
As a last resort it's possible to restore it to factory settings. How to do that is specific to your model, google it.


Orca, appreciate the help, it worked.....unplugged and NAS rebooted, problem gone. Thanks!
Don't suppose you have a fix for the sound issue? Noticed that while I can use the remote (by pressing bottom left or bottom right on the dial in middle of qnap remote) to get sound working for movies or tv shows, it does not work for music...another frustration (!) Any pointers would be great. thanks.