Plex Media Player - Live Tv?



I tried searching before asking and didn't see anything. So forgive me if this is asked and answered else where.

I have roku and android devices which both have the program guide / live tv sections working perfect. However oddly enough my Plex Media Player running on Windows 10 (not the windows 10 app) does not have a Live TV section.

Is Live Tv coming to the media player? If so, is there an ETA? I really miss this feature when I am on my main HTPC. HDHR Viewer channel works, but no where near as well.


Hi Brian. I have just set-up a Plex media server myself and have the same question. My media server is located near my TV as that is where my coax cable comes in. (there is no power in my loft else I could put it there). So I thought I would be able to set-up the server and use the same PC for the ‘player’ and also use that with a Harmony Remote.

At the moment I have the PVR working and LiveTV through the ‘Plex web’ app but as you say the Windows Plex Media player is not supported for LiveTV. So for me, this means that I would have to get my wife and children to use a full keyboard and mouse to watch the TV… This seems silly to me.

Anyone else got some advice?


Yes…I would like this also


It will come. Maybe even in the next beta.