Plex Media Player Remove duplicate folder and Empty Recycle Bin



I am using Plex Media Player and I would like to empty my Recycle bin.
It seems to be full with some empty folder. This is only from Media Player Folder View; the storage is ok.

I have noticed also a lot of empty folder named "Folder Name - Copy (n)" and I would like to delete them too.

Anyone can help me to address this issue?




Could you please provide some screenshots?
I have a hard time to understand what you are experiencing.


yes of course

Thank you!!!


You are using the ‘folder view’.

Plex is not a file manager.
Use the file manager of your operating system or your NAS to get rid of those folders.


Hi Otto thank you for your reply,
I think that this is a Render Bug of the Folder View. In the File System of my NAS everything is OK.

In the Folder View I saw those Folders and quite the same in the browsing the recycle bin.
I cannot delete them for 2 reason:

  1. there is nothing to delete (they seem to be ghost folders)
  2. no button is provided in the Plex Media Player for those kind of empty folders (for other content I can delete the files from the Media Player)

I would like just to remove them from my Folder View.




These folders must at least have been there, when the library was updated once.
Simply update the library again (‘Scan library Files’)

Once that is finished, empty the library trash.

If that still doesn’t work, Edit your library
go to the ‘Add Folders’ tab and verify that all folder paths referenced there,

  • are still in existence
  • folders are not completely empty
  • each folder is accessible to Plex Server (which is not as easily done as said, because on some NAS platforms, Plex runs under a different user account [plex], so you must learn about Linux permissions )


Thanks Otto, you got the point.
After scanned the library again and emptied the trash all the ghost folder are gone away.

thanks again.