Plex Media Player Window border colour?



So I've noticed the plex devs have pretty much given up on the chrome app, and I'm fairly sure google are giving up on chrome apps as a thing anyway. So i'd like to find a better native playback solution for plex on my PC.

I've switched to plex media player But it has an annoying white border at the top of the screen. Which I suppose it's inheriting from windows, but what I'd really like is the same black border that the chrome app has.
Plex Media Player:

Plex Chrome App

Is there any way to achieve this? This glaring white border, while I'm watching video content, is rather annoying and I don't want to live full screen as access to the taskbar is useful (plex is on a second screen most of the time and i do switch things in front of it for brief periods.




3 Options:

  • use OpenPHT instead in windowed mode
  • use the Windows App store app
  • paint your Windows ‘title bars’ in a darker color


Thanks for the thoughts Otto, sadly none of them quite 100% achieve what I'm looking for and all end up with title bars that are sort of gray, or not quite black.

I think the Windows store app is the closest thing to what I want. I suppose for now I'll just keep using the chrome app and hope that it doesn't break.


Using Shift+F11 to switch to full-screen is pretty easy. There is also a full-screen button you can press when you start to play a video so that only video playback is full screen.


So never being one to give up on a problem, I caved and decided to write my own little wrapper for the plex web app which would let me style the windows controls.

Its based around the awesome electron framework which is basically bundled chrome. I've shoved it up on github for anyone that knows how to compile a node app can get it going. The title bar control i've used is specific for windows, but I suppose there could be a different one for mac os x / linux if there is demand.

I've inventively called it tronplex and you can find it here:

And it looks like this: