Plex Media Server DLNA Service Crashes 2-3x a day on Windows 10 64Bit



I leave my windows 10 PC running all day and when I wake it up from the screensaver it seems like more often than not I come back to a window showing the message "Plex media server DLNA service has stopped working". I click close and it restarts the server and things seem to work fine. If I try to stream from HEOS or some other DLNA client on the network it's a 50/50 whether the Plex DLNA server shows up or not. It will show up after the service restarts when I click close. Is this is a common problem people are having? Is there a fix?

I'm running the latest plex media server, version It doesn't look like anything is showing in the plex crash report folders but I did turn on windows crash dumps for it which is attached.