Plex Media Server won't play any files on Chrome or Firefox



My plex server is version, running on FreeNas 11.

After the latest update, no files will play on chrome or firefox. Before this update, I was still having the issue with chrome, but firefox would work fine. Now neither works. Side note, the plex app on samsung smart tv's still works, just not on PC.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Logs attached.


Anybody out there?


I am seeing this on Mac/Firefox as well.


I ended up downgrading to from August to fix this. You can download the pbi file here: then upload it to Plugins > Upload in the Freenas interface. Then I rsync'd my plexdata to the new jail:

rsync -avzP /mnt/jails/jails_2/plexmediaserver_1/var/db/plexdata /mnt/jails/jails_2/customplugin_1/var/db