Plex media stopping during playlist and getting stuck at glitched screen



ok so recently I have noticed playback on Roku (the only device I really use) has started to act up, I have set several playlists as I know the play option on a series would stop moving to the next episode after a few.

playlist worked great, I could keep the media streaming all night no issues at all until recently.

1st it started with the stream being hung at 33% and just stalling there forever, a simple pause and play would pick it right back up fine on the exact episode it was stuck on.

now I am noticing sometimes when it gets stuck I am presented with a white glitched screen and a green square or two up at the top corner, nothing has changed about my library, and I updated the rokus and it has not stopped.

both rokus are the ultra rokus and they are completely wired to the router with only cisco gigabit switches in between them and the router.

this started showing up maybe a month ago, anyone else have this issue? any fix?
I tried putting my reserved ip of the PMS in the connection options of the Roku settings, no difference, the PMS is on a machine that is very powerful and my monitoring software is reporting my hard disks are 100% fine, I updated the rokus, no change.

this is really aggravating since I love to have the tv run all night otherwise it goes off and wakes me up, call me crazy but I cant sleep unless its running at low low volume. hasn't been able to make it through a night but once in a month.

The PMS does not appear to be stopping on my machine. aka I don't have to reboot to get it back up (my system is set to auto login due to no run as service option)


plex system log


media server log


bump on this.... can someone please offer any advice, I have tried this now from a completely different plex server with only base windows 10 software so I ruled out my main server as being the issue, its either a plex problem or a plex Roku channel problem....