Plex Metadata Loads, Artwork Does Not



I realize this question has been asked to death, but all the information I have found has not been helpful in solving the issue. I was running Plex Media Server on Windows 7 on a VM however for the longest time I just accepted that I could not update so I was stuck at v 0.9 something. In this version all artwork downloaded perfectly fine. I finally decided to update to Windows 7 SP1 and to the newest version of PMS and when I scan in my TV shows library it gets metadata (i.e. show descriptions, summaries, and ratings) however, season and show artwork does not download. I have searched everywhere for a solution to this and many forum posts say to have proper naming on your shows (which I know is not the issue as it worked on the earlier version of PMS).

Please help me as I have already spent way too much time on this problem.


I noticed getting this in the log files, not sure if it helps:



Make sure the Plex data folder was not re-routed to a volume that is not formatted with the NTFS file system.

In Windows 7 you need not only SP1, but also ‘Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7’
as well as all Windows Updates. On a newly installed system this may need several Windows Update runs and reboots.

Make sure you did not disable crucial system components, like the subsystem to update ‘root certificates’.

Other than that, you could try:


Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I will try what you have suggested and let you know my results.