Plex Mix or Mood Mix on iOS?



I have a Plex Pass. I can't find how to do a Plex Mix or Mood Mix on my iPhone or my Mac (Plex Media Player or Web Player). Can anyone post a screenshot of where I find this?


You need to have made the music libary a “premium music” library when you created it and be viewing by track

Mood is a filter in when viewing by track. which you can select then make a playlist from

Plex mix start playing something and in control bar hit h ellipses menu and choose plex mix. In the web app you can select it from list before playback. before playback on iOS touch hold down on a track in list


Thanks, I had created my music library when I was trying out Plex and then bought a Plex pass, so I had to delete my library and re-create it this way. It works now, but maybe there should be a way to convert an existing library to Premium if you end up buying a Plex Pass.