Plex music with Sonos "cannot connect to Plex"



I am running PMS off of my desktop PC. I can access PMS from any Android / OS device as well as from any PC anywhere. I can see my music contents - songs, artists and playlists - from the Sonos app on my android phone. When I try to play, I get an error saying it cannot connect to Plex. I am currently in BOOST mode and have my Sonos plugged in directly to my Google Wifi Router (primary point). I have been trying to resolve this for weeks. Please help!


I just added the new Plex service to my SONOS system, but to no avail. SONOS says it cannot find any Plex Server. My Plex server is on a QNAP NAS and can be found by all other of my clients (IOS, Android, macOS, Windows, LG TV). What can I do?


Now it is all OK. I just found a doc here, that I had to activate remote access on my Plex server. Now it works. Sorry!


@“” Looks like an issue with NAT loopback. Is your Google Wifi up to date? IIRC working NAT loopback is a recent addition? If you’ve had the router for a while you might try removing and recreating the NAT rule. I’m guessing the BOOST being on the LAN instead of the Sonos itself is what’s preventing PMS from discovering it.