Plex, NAS, and Mac - oh my!



I recently purchased the Synology Diskstation DS416 with 4 x 3TB disk drives. I want to use Plex with the NAS, and have access to my media files anywhere on any of my MAC devices. My question is simple: Is it better to use the NAS as the media server, or just as storage while using my Mac desktop as the server? Does that mean I will not be able to access the media if my desktop is not running? I'm brand new to the whole NAS/Plex thing, so where do I start when I'm ready to set-up Plex? The NAS is operational.


In the setup where you have both your media and PMS (Plex Media Server) on NAS you don't need to keep your Mac running.
In the setup where you use NAS only to store data, you need your MAC up and running.
If you are planning to watch most of your media without transcoding (converting) to devices like your PC/MAC/TV just simply direct play then NAS will meet your needs. If you want to access your media from mobile devices, then in most cases your media will have to be transcoded and for that your NAS might just have not enough juice.
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Thanks. I think I'm going to try installing the server on my NAS. If there's issues down the track, I can always install on my Mac and start over again.