Plex Neue - Concept Screens



Hi guys,


worked on a new on Plex HT based skin - Plex Neue (german UI). 

  • nice modern typo (DIN)

  • free space (for fanart)

  • less home menu items

  • less cluttering icons

  • less useless arrows & shadows

  • no annoying "old school" round corners

  • minimal orange

  • text based "on deck/new media" overlay navigation => faster overview


What do you think? 



Home - Movie







Home - New Movies 







Movie - Poster View







Movie - Open Panel







Home - TV







Home - On Deck




Really like the idea of giving the Fanart some room to breathe! Simple clean layout, Like it a lot. Good Stuff!


Movie - Pre Play 



I really like this!


Looks awesome! I'm loving it!


Looks promising :)


Good job, looks very nice!


any chance of an English UI version? its beautiful! 


The best skin I've seen. Congratulations!!!!  ;)


Please, could you share it?


Very nice. Clean, simple, uncluttered.

Good job.


Looks great. I look forward to giving this beauty a try


Movie - Pre Play v2

  • alternative navigation icons
  • more space between icons
  • bright poster test
  • short movie name test



I'm really looking forward to try out this beauty!


TV - Season View


TV - Episode View

But I'm not very satisfied with that. 

What do you think?



When it's ready to download?


TV - Episode View

But I'm not very satisfied with that. 

What do you think?


Thumbs maybe too dark but size wise is good because episode thumbs are lower quality compared to other artwork.


TV - Episode Pre Play (2 Variations)

  • in my opinion the episode screenshot is essential for a logical user navigation (show poster -> season poster -> episode screens overview -> episode screen pre play)

  • ​the combination of screenshot and season poster makes no sense for me

  • yeah I know the screenshot have to be upscale

  • the switch of the poster/screenshot block and the text block from left to right in the tv pre play screen makes also no sense, so I thought to keep in the text block in a tv area on the left and in movie area keep it right

What do you think about my thoughts?



Or do you like the "old style" variation, without the screenshot? 



I can no wait!!!!!!  :wacko:


This is looking really nice, maxxitbaby.  Love your concept.  As for the screenshot vs. poster in the pre-play screen I have to go with the poster... but only for the fact that often the screenshots for TV Shows are very ugly and low res.  I'd find them useful, if they were any good - and they usually aren't.

Well done.  Would love to see this come to fruition eventually.