Plex News performance issues




I read in the FAQ that a Plex Server is not required for the news feature. However, i find that the playback of news items in my Android phone or Android TV apps is very poor quality & also the streaming performance is erratic. I made a video of what i see regularly on my Android TV device.

The message you can see on the screen at around 1:05 says "Your connection to the server is not fast enough to stream this video.
Check your network."

Is there a bug somewhere?


I have all Apple and it works fine, but what I don’t know if the server is relaying to the phone or if they are?


Hey GForce10, thanks for the feedback. I wonder if this issue is related to my location. I’m in Australia & perhaps the server where the News content is streaming from is located in the US only. Internet latency could be a problem in that case. I image that Plex dont have the same kind of distributed server infrastructure as the likes of Netflix, Google, Apple, Amazon etc.
Anyone else in Australia experiencing lots of buffering with News content?


We released some updates today. You should experience better performance now. Let me know how it its working.