PLEX on my LG Smart TV



I have my PLEX server on my Home Desktop PC and it is running all the time with PLEX open. I have an LG Smart TV Model No. 55LM6488. The Plex app shows when I do a scan but it will not connect to PLEX. Is this TV not compatible with PLEX apps? Can someone tell me what I can do to correct this issue?


Similar Problem here: LG OS Update was installed and the next video i want to look: Server is not available! LG55LB671V-Z8. Smartphone iOS is able to connect to Server ( Same Network)

Please assist with further steps.


Yes, I have the same conditions, I can connect via PLEX through my smartphone, but not through the TV


I've found my LG TV will not always connect to my WiFi. Once I forced the TV to connect to WiFi AP then I can get Plex to find the Server


My solution was to purchase a Roku device and install the Plex App (Free) onto it. I can then connect to my Plex library via the Roku devices throughout the house and it works fine, independent of what TV I use.


In network settings I have list of IP addresses. Not sure if that will help here.