Plex on Samsung TV unable to play Windows phone content



Sorry if this has been discussed before, but read through everything on the forum and still can't resolve.

My Windows Phone (Lumia 640) running Windows 10 mobile has Plex and is set up as a Plex server. From Plex running on my 2015 Samsung smart TV (UN43JU640D), I can connect to the phone and see all my videos and photos residing there. However, when attempting to play any of these videos from Plex on the Samsung TV, I get "Unable to connect to the content server".

Plex on my TV can also connect to my Mac computer also as a server, where it also sees all videos and photos there. However, unlike from the Windows phone server, Plex can play videos from the Mac server on the TV just fine.

Any advice on what might the be the issue with the Windows phone for Plex?


My Samsung TV Plex app version: 2.008
PMS version:
Network connection: wlan
TV: UN43JU640D j-series (2015) model


Plex Windows phone version: 3.2.20-25990c77 (5/10/2017)