PLex on Seagate Personal Cloud



I am pondering to purchase a seagate personal cloud device and install Plex server and stream it to my Samsung TV. Can I get some feedback on your experience regarding stream quality, NAS noise and handling of HD content?






I have 4 TB. Seagate Personal Cloud, the LG Smart TV and Chromecasts I own. PLEX can be content with Smart TV application without Chromecasts but until they get along fine with Chromecasts Plex. Cloud series and movies from the computer to all the staff, I upload music and photos, I can watch the device I want at home. The only subject I failed in the Personal Cloud trakttv PLEX programs do not install the plugins. Maybe someone will help out. (Google translate- sorry)


Can't answer your HD content question, but I have no problem watching dvd quality media. Make sure your TV has the capability to download a Plex app. Some of my tv's can which makes selecting media a breeze, but my older tv's don't have plex built in. I rely on using Roku's or Chromecasts to "direct play" stream videos which work just as good. I cant recommend having a few chromecasts around your house enough. So conventient when wanting to cast something from a phone or pc.

No issue with NAS noise, but I do keep it in a different room with my Router so that probably doesn't help you much. Initially out of the box it is very quiet.


Just be aware you may need to convert all the media (videos mainly) that you wish to view through Plex into a compatible format, as the Seagate Personal Cloud is not powerful enough to convert files. If you need to convert files, use Handbrake file converter and convert video files to MP4 H.246 with AAC audio settings. Took me a lot of digging round the net to find that out.

Seagate Personal Clouds suck. They're not powerful at all and still pretty expensive. And to get them to work properly with Plex is a pain in the A**. Believe it. Plus don't expect good support from Seagate either. The Plex guys know 100 times more than Seagate does.