I don't know what happened nothing has change on my computer or routers but now plex wont connect outside the network. I have tried unbridging from my isp to my nighthawk and that didn't work can anyone help me?


This might sound weird but have you confirmed it won't connect outside the network or are you going by the Remote Access status indicators? Some time ago my Remote Access status suddenly started showing that my server was "Not available outside your network" no matter what I did. But it turned out that it DOES connect outside the network just fine. I don't know what the glitch is but if you haven't already, try connecting from outside your network before you get too frustrated by it. I know I was gnashing my teeth for days and days before I discovered it was just some kind of bug. Right now I have a red indicator on my Remote Access settings, but my Status shows a friend across town watching a TV show from my server.


I also have had this happen. The trick I use to troubleshoot remote server connectivity when I’m at home is to simply turn my WiFi off on my cellphone and attempt to access my media from the plex app through my cellular data. If it works then I know that remote users issue may not be on the plex server side. then I follow up with other questions to narrow down the issue.