Plex pin Help



I would like to get a Plex server sub but most want a PIN number.?? I sign into my Plex using email address and password, so I have not got a PIN ,can anyone tell me how I go about getting one. I have check the internet but I have only found how to reset your PIN or Change it..


on the users page click on the open lock icon in your users block. after you set, it will become a green closed lock


Hi Bigwheel thanks for the quick response to my question. I have already done this part but a little confused when asked for a pin when trying to get a Plex sub, is this the PIN that I give to the person that I am getting the sub from !!!


what are you talking about getting a sub from someone? From who/where are you getting this sub?


Perhaps sub is the wrong word, guess should have said a Plex share, but they have asked for a Plex pin and not my email address and not sure if it is the PIN that I created. I know when I first setup my account I was asked if I wanted to sign in with email or pin.

  1. if you are paying these people for access to their server it is against our terms of service which they are violating
  2. it is illegal in most countries which have copyright laws

If they want to “share” with you in a legitimate way ( which only requires them knowing your username ) the instructions for them to do that can be found here

no other way is recommended

But I have no doubt they already know how to do it properly. I highly suggest you not deal with whomever these folks are. They are being shady.


I’m getting a little lost trying to figure out where your problem is happening. Could you start by telling the story of everything you’ve done so far, and where the problem comes up in the process? The more detailed you can be, the less chance of confusion.


I was asked for my PIN to access a Plex share but the only pin I have is the one that I created.
I log on to my Plex with my email not a PIN. I do remember when I set my account up I was asked if I wanted to connect with PIN or Email and I selected Email so do not have a PIN.