Plex Player on Shield - "Your connection to the server is not fast enough to stream this video."



Since the last Google Play update my Nvidia Shield is refusing to properly stream from my Linux server. The error that comes up is: “Your connection to the server is not fast enough to stream this video. Check your Network.” I can’t stream more than two seconds without it stopping. Looking at the logs, it says the connection was dropped by the client (Shield) which shouldn’t happen.

Nothing has changed on my network to my knowledge. My Linux server is strong enough to transcode practically anything with multiple streams at once. Streaming worked fine until the last Shield patch. Streaming works fine on all other devices and through the web, just the Shield is having issues. I can switch to the Kodi player on the Shield and it works fine.

Any ideas?


Hey Rip I am having the same issue. My workaround for the time being (cuz I can’t live without my Plex!) is to uninstall the updates for the Plex app on the Shield and disable automatic updates.

I have noticed that this issue seems to be affecting Android devices in general, at least in my situation. If I use the Plex app on an Android device (Shield, Phone) I cannot stream on the local network, across the internet works fine. If I use the Plex web client on an Android phone on the local network, works fine. All other devices (TVs, PCs, etc.) work fine.

I have done a lot of troubleshooting and as you mentioned (and I agree) it is not the server or network.

Wish I could be of more help, but this should hopefully get you Plexin’ again until Barkley fixes the Android Plex app.


I am using a Intel HDMI stick with “use hardware acceleration when available” checked and on 1080 videos the CPU only goes about 1/4 thought Gigabit Ethernet on my Shield. Go to Transcoder on the left and see if checking on the hardware acceleration works. It did with me before that I did get server to slow.


same problem to me too.
for now I have uninstalled the Plex client updates and use it for now.
I hope in an update.
I signed up for beta versions


Same issues here. I have a Plex server running on a Synology NAS as well as a Win 10 PC. Movies will often take 60 seconds to start up, and then will start buffering every few seconds. This issue just started for me.


when is a fix?


Still having issues with latest Linux Server and Shield App versions. The error is different now.

You can see where it started to try to play Warehouse 13 - S03E12 - Stand, then it stops with the error; “Failed to stream media, client probably disconnected after xxxxxxx bytes: 104 - Connection reset by peer.”

Log files attached.

Hardware Acceleration is not enabled. My Linux server is is headless and does not have a graphics card.

Oh and by the way, now with the latest Linux server update, my CPU utilization is back down where it should be, so it looks like that part is fixed.


Just curious if any of you have an update to this issue. I am still experiencing the Connection is not fast enough issue.


Second this. Same here.


Also having this issue on shield android tv


Hello, has anyone been able to solve this issue?

Any feedback from the devs?



This needs fixed, even if they have to back out from exoplayer2. Now that I am on Oreo 8 I cannot even downgrade to 6.12 so my Shield is basically useless unless I want to watch my 1080 and 4k content in 720p.
No word on this from the devs???


Same here…This needs to e addressed. I think more important than LiveTV and DVR that seems to get all the attention from support


Look’s like your thread was moved into the wrong place, I’ve moved it into the android-tv tag.

I’ve been looking into this but struggling to replicate the issue myself. Would you be able to create a sample of a video that fails to play as well as provide some logs? Knowing if you are direct playing or transcoding would help as well.

Steps for creating a sample, use the MKV methods only and not DD as this will create an unplayable file:

Steps for gathering logs from the Android TV client:



Thanks for the help.

Here you have a sample of a problematic file and the corresponding logs.

I have my files stored on a Synology NAS and Shield TV as a server, with several different players. The last test was on Apple TV, but the problem is similar playing directly on the Shield TV unit.

Playback is normal at start on Apple TV, but the error message appears after a couple of minutes. Sometimes it’s possible to continue to view the file if we wait. On Shield TV these problematic files simply don’t load at all after the last couple of server updates (beta)

I think this happens in all files with higher bitrate (above 8 or 9 Mbit/s). This behavior did not happen in the past. Using Synology NAS as a server the file is correctly viewed in both Shield TV and Apple TV.

Plex Media Server (2.9 MB)

Please tell me if you need any further info



Not sure if this helps you or not, however, I have run into this same issue on Roku devices, while my Android phone plays fine (details in another support issue).


Hello, any news on this?



I fixed the problem. I changed the H.264 setting at 5.2 down to 5.0 and it works flawless now.



Do you have any update on this case? Have you been able to replicate the problem based on the files i’ve shared?

It’s quite frustrating to receive emails about new Plex features when the core features of the product are not working correctly…