Plex Player Pauses Music at Random During Playback



I'm having an issue where the Plex player keeps pausing playback of music. This only seems to occur with local content. When I stream from my server, everything works fine. However, I'd like to be able to do the same with Sync'd playlists and music from my phone while in the car so that I'm not draining data. Any ideas on what might be causing this and how to fix it? My phone is a Nexus 6p in the event that makes a difference.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.


Same issue for me. Have the same phone on 7.1.1. Thought it was fixed with the new android version but it still appears to be happening. Also, my synced music is still using data, so you might want to check that. I have created a separate thread for that.


I am having this issue as well. I have a synced audio book that I am listening to on the way to work. It will occassionally freeze. When I close the audio track and then reselect it from the album, it will play through the place where it originally froze. It happens maybe every 10-15 minutes. Help!


Thanks for the follow-up guys. Good to know I'm at least not alone as I was starting to think there was something wrong with my phone.
I did some more digging and have some more to add to the problem. Not sure if it will help find a solution, but figured I'd post it in case it does.
The problem may be with either Android or the Nexus 6p itself. I've tried playing music over Bluetooth from local and stream, as well as through headphones from local and stream. In all cases, the music will eventually just pause. Hitting play will not resume music, but skipping to the next song does. I then decided to try something other than Plex and was surprised to find that Amazon music does the exact same thing on both streamed content and local content. From this, I'm now thinking this is not a Plex issue.
Here's a few things I've tried which may be worth trying on your phones as well. It didn't help my problem, but may help yours.
1) Apparently "OK Google" can cause music to pause. Try turning OK Google constant listening off in setting to see if it eliminates the issue.
2) Turning off battery optimization for Plex has helped some. Apparently for some phone the battery optimization was causing playback to stop when the phone enters "snooze" mode or whatever its called.
Again, the above 2 things did not solve my issue, but from reading online it sounds like it has helped some people so I thought I'd pass the info along. If I find a solution that does work for the Nexus 6p, I'll be sure to post it here as this is certainly frustrating.
Hope this helps some.


Same problem as Zenoah except I'm using a Nexus 5x and the problem only just started for me in the last few weeks after owning the phone with Plex almost a year.


Hey All, I thought I'd post a quick response to status where I'm at with this. On the Nexus 6p side, I was starting to have some other issues with the phone itself, so I elected to send it back to Huawei to be refurbished since it was still under warranty. I should have it back in a couple weeks and will report back as to if fixing the phone itself has any affect on the play pausing issue.

On another note, since I was out of a phone for a couple weeks I purchased a new Pixel for my wife that I could use while my Nexus is in the shop. I recently got Plex up and running on the Pixel and am listening to music as I write this. I'm currently at about 5 minutes of playback with no issues, but will keep it going for a while to make sure it doesn't pause later.

I'll try my best to report back on both ends (playback on the different phone, and if the refurbished 6p corrects the pausing issue).


Well, that didn't take long. I can confirm that the exact same pausing behavior is present with a brand new Pixel phone. Based on that as well as the above, I'm guessing this is some sort of Software issue with Nougat and Plex (maybe others).

Question is, is this on the Nougat side or on the Plex side. Is anyone else getting this on non Pixel/Nexus phones? If so, anyone with Android versions prior to Nougat seeing the same thing, or is it specific to Nougat?


Hi, sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with the app.

@Zenoah1439 thanks for that research, it will help us to start digging in that direction when investigating the issue. It'd be very helpful if you could grab and upload app's logs right after noticing this problem (you can access to them through Settings / Advanced / Privacy / Email device logs) as we'll be able to have that information available to identify the problem.

Thanks in advance


@jesusMC Sorry for the delayed response, between getting my old phone back and getting my wife setup on Project Fi, I've had my hands full for a while.
Anyways, I got the 6p back and its still pausing music during playback of sync'd content (both over Bluetooth as well as wired headphones). I've tried re-working the above settings changes again, but it still doesn't seem to be helping the issue.
Please see the logs attached, below is the other information that came with it:
* Manufacturer: Huawei
* Device: angler
* Model: Nexus 6P
* Product: angler
* Version: 7.0
Let me know if I did not capture them correctly as I've never done this before.
Thanks for the help and the awesome app!


I've been seeing the same thing. Both on a Nexus 6p and Google Pixel XL both running Android 7.1


Hey, I don't mean to bug you guys as I know your busy, but just thought I'd check in to see if you had any updates on the playback issue? It's not the end of the world for me, but I would love the ability to sync and use playlists on my phone (Nexus 6p). Please let me know if you need any additional information from my end as I would be glad to supply any help you might need.

Also, just so it doesn't sound like I'm purely complaining about Plex, I wanted to make sure you guys knew I totally appreciate all the work you guys have put into this software. I recently switched from an apple only home to a windows/android only home (long story) and my biggest concern was how to deal with the loss of iTunes. Plex filled the gap and I honestly haven't missed iTunes one bit. In fact, if Apple gets back to their "innovative" roots, I will likely still use Plex as I think you guys have hit the sweet spot on customizability and easy of access. I cant express how awesome the Plex apps are. Even my wife (recently switched to a Piexel phone 2 weeks ago) commented that Plex is two fold better than what iTunes did for her. BTW, I'm not trying to start an anti Apple war as I think both sides have their benefits, the above is purely intended as my opinions as a "convert" to Android/Windows.

Anyways, I didn't want to just complain as I think you guys have done amazing things. Again, pleas let me know if you need additional information from me. Also, if possible, please let me know if there's a light at the end of the tunnel to figure out how to listen to sync'd music on a Nexus device in the near future. I know you guys aren't keen on the providing ECD's, but if you can at least indicate if there is a possible fix that would be a huge relief to me. I know Nexus devices aren't in the majority, but am hoping you guys have found something simple in the bug list I supplied.

Lastly, have a happy holiday!


Hi @Zenoah1439 , sorry so much not sure how but I missed your previous ping.

I'll take a look to your logs soon and I'll try to fix the problem, thanks for posting it and have happy holidays too!


I have the same issue on one nexus 6p running Android 7.1.1, and two nexus 5x running 7.0. If I leave the power cable plugged in, music plays just fine.


I just confirmed that plex offline music on a device with Android 5.0 plays just fine. I really think this is a doze/nougat problem.


I am still having the issue with the latest version of PLEX on Android 7.1.1. Almost every track the audio will freeze at some point. The only way I have found to get it playing again is to back out of the track and restart it. It almost makes PLEX unusable to listen to audio books. It isn't safe to be messing with my phone like this while I am driving.


I have the same problem on Android 6 on my LG Stylo. My workaround was to install 2 apps.
1-Brightness Level
2- Stay Alive

  • Before I start Plex I launch Brightness Level and select 0% (Save battery life)
  • Set Stay Alive to "Keep Screen on while charging and on battery" -Enable Select Apps and Keep Screen only for Select App -Go to Select Apps that will Stay Alive.. Select Plex ( Screen Will Stay Alive only when Plex is running)



Any updates? I have had this problem for a while on my 5x and never researched it to the level i am now. Was happening before i upgraded to 7.1.1..


Also facing the same issue. Its very bad with synced playlists. Every 2 or 3 songs.


I'm having the same issue... My phone was on nougat and I was having this problem a few months ago, then I loaded a ROM based on Marshmallow and the problem went away. Now I'm back on Nougat and the issue is back. I'm using a Nexus 6 and always update to the latest version of the app. Any updates on this? I listen to synced music during work, and having to get my phone out every few minutes to skip to the next song in order to get it to play again has been annoying.



My hardware: Sony Xperia Z3+
Android version: 7.0
Firmware version: 32.3.A.0.376

I just recently upgraded my Xperia Z3+ from 6.0.1 to 7.0 and I get this Plex playback issue. I am using offline (synced) content. After a random amount of playback time, the track stops. I am not able to resume the track by pressing play, or pause then play. I have to close the playlist or the Plex app and start again. Very annoying when you're enjoying your Music when you're cycling. Everything was fine until the Nougat update.

EDIT: I have made sure that Plex is added to the Android battery optimisation exclusion list.