Plex player wont let me click anywhere.



Im right now adding more movies to my plex server. Im not sure if that is causing this or not. On my player, not server, i can scroll through my opened library but i cant click on anything. Cant click on home, back, another library, a specific movie. Nothing.

I can see on the bottom it finding and loading meta data as im adding more movies to the plex server. So, its not frozen or locked up or anything. But why cant i click on anything?


tell us which version you are on.

I have also noticed this behaviour on the current version - Version / Version 3.20.5 along with a pile of other bugs.

hint: open a new browser tab and it will probably work.


Thats the version im on, Version The standalone player, not the web page. I ended up restarting my computer and its been working. But thats kinda a pain.