Plex plays 1 video, then locks up playing the second



I have the Roku streaming stick

This just started in the last 2-3 weeks.

If I'm watching a series (any series) and an episode finishes, then it will show the loader for the next episode, but it will just spin forever, the loading percentage never increases. I have to exit the Plex app and sign back in to play the next episode. I should note that exit is my only option (implying the lock up), back on the remote does not work.

This is not just a problem with the TV series. It also happens manually. If I watch a movie, it plays fine. BUT, once that completes and I try to open a TV episode or another video then the same problem occurs.

I have tried setting to direct access, played with direct streaming options and the H.264 options with no luck.

Sorry if this is a duplicate, I tried to google the issue and couldn't find anything.



A few more details. My media server should be the latest version running on an 8 year old mac-mini. This issue does not happen when trying to watch videos on my iPhone or iPad or watched through the Google Chromecast (triggered from my iPhone X)


@ElGuapolicious sounds like you may be using a Roku beta firmware version, if so you can opt out of the beta firmware by contacting Roku. Can you tell us what version it stays under - Roku Home screen -> Settings -> System -> About: Software Version


version is: 8.1.0 build 4074-24

Also, unless my roku streaming stick came configured for Beta I’m not sure how I would have been put on that plan. I never joined the Roku development program, which seems to be the only way per googling. I can certainly call them though if you say this is the beta version.


@ElGuapolicious yes, that is a beta version. You Roku serial number must be flagged somehow for the beta firmware. Please contact Roku to be removed from that list, as beta firmware may definitely cause problems in our channel and others.


Roku told me that this is the new production firmware version. They told me it was released yesterday. Any other ideas?

Roku support is horrible not up to my standards… they did tell me this, but then back peddled and promised me a fix. *sigh