Plex plugin does not work correctly on FreeNAS 11 and easily reproducible in FreeBSD 11 as well.




Plex plugin installed in FreeNAS 11 jail definitely has a bug. Navigation through my libraries is not possible. This issue is easy reproducible in FreeNAS 11 as well as FreeBSD 11 jail.

Please read through the attached PDF file, which show a log dialog that I had with FreeNAS support team. Eventually they advised that that issue could be fixed only by Plex support. This will allow you fully understand the issue.

Please advise.



Because including a PDF of a webpage just makes things painful:

I cannot find the issue in your logs because they are so full of other processes. These steps explicitly state that you should restart the server, reproduce the problem, then grab the logs. This restart makes finding the issue in the logs siginficantly easier.

BTW, we know people have successfully run Plex on FreeBSD 11, so it could really be that FreeNAS's plugin system is not setting up the jail correctly. I don't know the details myself seeing as how I've dumped jails months ago and I'll never be going back.


@gbooker02: The issue is not with Plex running on FreeBSD or FreeNAS 11, it's adding new folders or libraries in the GUI.

For example, I log into my Plex Server GUI (which is running in a vanilla jail on FreeNAS 11.0-RC3) and everything works correctly, until I go to add a new Library (Let's call it Test). When I get to the Add Folders section, and try to add a folder, you can no longer move around in the file system (personally, I'm sandboxed inside of the Plex Dataset, and can't navigate to storage outside of the /usr/local/plexdata-plexpass/ even though my jail is linked to other storage points).

I'm at work and can't remote in the reboot and capture logs, but the steps to reproduce are as simple as logging into your PMS, and trying to add folders to a new or existing Library...


Is this what you are seeing?


Yes this is exactly it. Exactly same picture. To be able to navigate through my folders I had to downgrade FreeNAS back to 9.10 version. Hope they can fix this issue one day.
Thanks for replying.


@gbooker02, yes, that's the same issue. Thanks for finding a related post. I'll watch both to see if anything come of it.


I had to struggle with this tonight as I just got my FreeNas box and Plex Plugin going.
The solution for me was to analyze where the common ground was between the Jail Storage and the Plex Media Library.

Ends up there is a common overlap and this was all I had to do.

Browse the Jail Storage source as my main Media Folder (or what ever folder you want as a sorce.
Source: /mnt/Master/Media (my dataset on FreeNas)
Destination /var/db/plexdata/Plex Media Server/Media

That destination is the parent Media folder you see when browsing for Media to add to your library inside Plex.