Plex Server Doesn't Find Shows - just picture of a shark



Been using Plex on my PC and Ipad for years. Never had any issues. Today, on my ipad it has a new update. I am logged in ok because my username is up on top. When I click on shows I see a picture of a shark watching TV and I click "add library". It takes me to a website with a video... I've tried everything.

Not happy at ALL with this new update - is there a way to simply watch my existing movies/tv shows like I always have?


I am experiencing similar issues. When i first open the app each time, i get the “offline” notation on all my home screen items and when i navigate to Movies or Shows i get the shark. Clearly the app is having trouble connecting to my Plex Server. This never used to happen with the previous app. What’s worse is that there’s nothing you can do to troubleshoot. You’re just dead in the water. What i did find out though was that if I wait for a couple minutes, eventually it will connect to my plex server and everything shows up. Why the delay? What is this new app doing that causes this problem? I don’t want all the new bells and whistles so if these new bells and whistles are causing the problem then I say they made a big mistake putting out this upgrade without giving users the ability to choose what they want to use for features. Let’s hope they fix it soon.


Experiencing the same issue for Movies. Everything else works fine but when I select Movies on my server, I get the Shark and a “check your connection” message. I can view movies on every friends server but for some reason not mine. I’ll keep tracking hoping someone posts a possible resolution.

Btw, if I select any of the movies from the Home screen, either On Deck or Recently Added, it works fine.


My Plex server is located on an WD home cloud and I access it via the IOS app on my iPhone or a fire TV stick plex app on my tv.
I could acces and play my music , as usual but no movies , before the last update it works really fine
Somebody encountered the same problem ?
Also via safari with web plex apps I have the same results.
Music yes movie not , I get this failure: Fehlercode: h4 (Codec) ??
I’m very disappointed after years of smooth watching:(