plex server is on my windows 10 PC - the remote access has stopped working all of a sudden



I have a new pc the dreaded windows 10, I have installed the plex server moved my backup drives from the old pc to the new one and all was working fine. I had to delete the old server as plex kept looking for it and the files on it.
as of yesterday plex remote access is not working.

It was working fine on old PC and both PC’s have the same router, so the issue is not in the router settings, it is something to do with my dreaded windows 10. Plex is allowed through the fire wall.

I tried ticking manual and the green tick comes on remote access for 2 sec then disappears.

I want to access this from my mobile devices.


If you forwarded a port on your router to your old PC, then that needs to change and be forwarded to your new PC.


Ok you officially lost me and I thought I was fairly tech savvy for 60.

When I moved the ext. drives from the old to the new PC and had issues, I completely uninstalled plex from the old PC, and installed on the new pc. The told plex where to browse the folders again on the new PC and did sync.

All was working including remote access until yesterday, then I noticed remote access green tick had disappeared.

if I need to get into the router can you issue a few more instructions or point me in the right the direction for someone to login and help? :)