Plex server keeps disconnecting randomly



This happens about once a night.

It just disconnects halfway through watching something, and I have to shut down the server and reboot it again. Then sometimes after doing that it will happen once again.

I am streaming from my Laptop (which is also running the server) via chrome cast to my TV.

Win 10 x64

Debugging logs attached.


Am I asking for support in the right place?


It just happened again. Server disconnected half way through watching something. I had to shut down and reboot the server. Here are the logs after I restarted the server.


same problem here. plex disconnect. , many processes running… i have logs to upload if needed… have to kill all plex processes… one is definately hanging, as the console will not connect… nothing is using too much cpu at the time…

this is in the middle of streaming…


here are logs


@“” thanks for joining the conversation but I really hope you problems dont hijack someone taking a look at mine :slight_smile:


It just happened again. Here are the logs.

Is anyone looking at this thread? Am I asking for support in the correct place?