Plex Server limited to 480p on remote



Hi, since a few weeks my server will only serve 480p to my remote users. Doesn't matter what they have set as remote quality. Only on direct play they will get what they have set.

Some month ago there was an option to limit remote quality but it hasn't been active. Maybe it is active now and using my set preferences from that time?
Please help.
Running on OSX 10.11.5


Is remote access still enabled? It almost sounds like they are connecting through RELAY.



As far as I can see on my server remote access is available and activated. And there is no problem if they set direct play. They will get the original file.

And it is working If I use my own account when remote. So this seems to be only active for friends.


Solution found.
Some month ago there has been an option to limit bandwidth per stream in the server interface. This option wasnt working and was removed in the next release.
Now this option is working and limiting each stream at the (before) set max bandwidth setting.
But its only available in the plex config file.