Plex Server - "No Server found" after initial Setup



i have a litte problem...

Version: Plex Media Server v1.7.4.4017-3886b5c85
Server: FreeBSD 11.1 in bhyve vm

  1. I installed plexmediaserver_plexpass from the freebsd-ports
  2. I edited rc.conf and I changed the parameter "plexmediaserver_plexpass_support_path="/mnt/PLEX_DATA"" (I want to store the database and artwork at a different ZFS-Volume, fstab is also correct => the volume mounts at boot)
  3. I started plexmediaserver_plexpass manual.
  4. I can access the init setup site an setting up all my shares and after that I can also browse and play videos.
  5. Now I restart the FreeBSD virtual machine.
  6. After that im not able to access the server, but the daemons are running and the log on the server looks not so bad: The site always shows "Searching for servers..." after i login with my Plex-Pass user.

I attached the Plex Media Server log, please help.