Plex Server not always starting after boot and randomly created unclaimed server



Hi everyone,

For some reason, plex server does not always automatically start on boot/restart. It can be frustrating because I use other clients and this means I have to manually turn on the server on the shield.
I searched in the forum and several people said to roll back to the original version of plex server but that did not work. My settings in plex are to automatically login.

Also, sometimes, randomly after a boot or reboot, the previously setup server is not present and a new one (called localhost) is created (but all settings are kept). However I need to reclaim it. This happened at least 5 times in less than 2 weeks.

Thanks for you ideas/solutions.


I have no real solution or ideas, only the same issue you are having. Did you wait? I have also noticed the shield will hard crash and reboot itself and thats when the unclaimed server issue arises every time. On reboots the server is generally not running for the first 10-15 minutes then it will appear by itself for me. Manually activating it is less than 30 seconds in most cases.

Also all my plex clients crash very frequently with the shield server online, not necessarily in use. Web browser and Android TV most notably. I am thinking this is metdata issue.

In addition, metadata will not load correctly unless I individually refresh metadata in the specific show or movie, then it will populate the synopsis,date, rating, posters, backgrounds, etc. Its about 20% of movies that fail from the library update and about 20% of TV shows which succeed in fetching anything. Manually has 100% success.


All media was in an external usb drive connected to a time capsule and mounted on the shield via ethernet. For some reason, sometimes, even when mounted, plex server would say that files where unavailable.

I decided to connect the usb drive directly to the shield and update libraries and since then it seems it is working a lot better with no crash and metadata is correctly added.

I guess the connection via to the files via the network was not stable (even if it was via ethernet) and was causing plex server to crash, etc.

Let me what is your configuration and if trying something like I did fixes the problems.