Plex Server on Dropbox works fine for 3 hours then cannot be found. Help!



I've been unable to use Plex for the last few weeks as when I start Plex server on my Drobo 5N it works perfectly for all clients.... but only for about three hours. Then no client is able to find it. The only solution is to shut down the drobo and restart, which takes a long while and is impractical, and even then only gives another three hours of use.
I had been using problem free for a couple of years but can't find a solution.
I had assumed it was a problem with the software version (it was on 1.5.5) so I patiently waited for 1.5.6 hoping it would solve the issue, but no. Three hours of use and then it disappears.

Please can someone suggest a solution? I've updated and reinstalled, I've logged in and logged out clients but nothing works. 5N is running 3.5.12 (latest).



Sorry to drag up a thread from May… Did you ever get this sorted?

I have the exact same issue…

Drobo 5N2… Latest firm and latest from Drobo or Plex Website. Same result.
After a few hours it randomly crashes and becomes non responsive.
Have to reboot the drobo to get plex to work again.
When it does crash I can still use the NAS just fine, so its not the drobo thats crashing.