Plex showing duplicates of some movies when connecting through



For some reason, Plex is duplicating some movies when I connect through This does not happen if I connect using the local IP of the server. I am seeing this duplication on my Shield as well. The duplicate listing are acting sort of the TV shows where when I click on it, it opens like a TV season and the movie is inside. Has anyone else run into this?

The server is running on a W10 PC and is version

Local IP
local IP


check out the labels below the movie names…
the ones stating “x movies” aren’t movies but collections. This usually means either you manually assigned a “Collection” tag when editing the movie (library item: Edit > Tags > Collection) or you have the library configured to include collection tags received from The Movie Database (library: Edit > Advanced > Use collections from The Movie Database).

You should check out the Plex Blog and the related support article.
The support article will also explain how to get rid of unwanted collections.