Plex skipping the opening on some TV shows





I've been watching some TV show using Plex and have noticed that it doesn't play the opening theme on some of the shows. When I checked the time, it cut out about 2-3 minutes from each episode (which I'm assuming is the opening).


What the heck?! I've looked through all of the settings and preferences and have searched online for a remedy to this problem to no avail. I just want the option to watch the opening if I want to, and I do!


Thanks for any help you can give me.



Just curious if you ever figured out what the issue was. I have anime that I watch that needs the opening and ending to drive certain parts of the storyline. I thought I'd downloaded the anime without then until I checked playback on my pc only to find out that PLEX was skipping the openings and endings for them.

I'm not sure exactly why, but it seems as though the metadata scanner may have something to do with this because when you check the info (which is derived from there), the time for each ep is approx 21 mins when most episodic anime is approx 24 mins which includes the opening and ending which are 90 seconds each.

I, too, have looked for the answer to this to no avail. ANY help without another 2 years waiting time would be helpful!!!



Sounds like the files you have are actually segmented MKV files, where the intro (and maybe credits) are stored as a separate file and linked to from the other files which don’t themselves contain intro or credits. Odd though, as this is usually only used when the intro/credits are completely identical for all episodes. This would also explain the discrepancy between the episode runtimes.