Plex stopped working with DLNA since latest update



Hey there,

I'm pretty sure this has been asked many times, and I did my homework searching through the forum before placing this question. Thing is that Plex got updated yesterday and with that new update it messed up my DLNA configuration at home.

I'm using a Mac OS X with external hard-drives. The TV is a Sony Bravia KDL 42W805A. Everything was working perfectly until this update happened.

Now, some TV Shows are displaying "There are no items to display" when a day ago I was just watching them from my TV, while other folders are just showing the TV episodes, but once I play them, the screen turns black with no content at all.

I tried to delete Plex, i'm deleted and re-built from scratch the libraries, I restored from factory settings the TV (thought that maybe something could be messing around with the TV cache) and I even restored previous Plex versions from the Update folder.

Thing is that I can see the content on my server, or I can even cast them through Chromecast or Apple TV, but the DLNA on my Sony stopped working as expected and no longer shows the item or reproduce them correctly.

Any idea what could possible be wrong? Anything I may forgot to do?



I mean, it used to work just great. But with every new update it just mess up everything and I ended up losing a bunch of time figuring out what could possibly go wrong.

I honestly do not recall which was the latest version of plex working great with my TV, as well as playing MKV. I attached a screenshot for some TV shows that are not even getting listed.


More information that may be helpful:

Jan 27, 2018 15:23:36.952 [0x700009c67000] DEBUG - Scaled up video bitrate to 2254Kbps based on 1.500000x fudge factor.
Jan 27, 2018 15:23:36.952 [0x700009c67000] DEBUG - MDE: received PLEX_PROTOCOL_ANY from client, selected protocol http
Jan 27, 2018 15:23:36.952 [0x700009c67000] DEBUG - MDE: analyzing media item 6472
Jan 27, 2018 15:23:36.952 [0x700009c67000] DEBUG - MDE: E1 - Two Swords: no direct play video profile exists for http/mkv/h264/eac3/srt
Jan 27, 2018 15:23:36.952 [0x700009c67000] DEBUG - MDE: E1 - Two Swords: selected subtitle cannot be converted to a compatible format, burning into video stream
Jan 27, 2018 15:23:36.952 [0x700009c67000] DEBUG - MDE: E1 - Two Swords: avoiding video remux due to burned subtitle stream
Jan 27, 2018 15:23:36.952 [0x700009c67000] DEBUG - MDE: E1 - Two Swords: no remuxable profile found, so video stream will be transcoded

I'm just removing everything, including logs and doing a clean installation for v1.9