plex stops casting after a few mins



good afternoon,

recently plex has been acting weird, I am unable to play media locally to either TV for more than a few mins (2-10 mins) after which the tv screen goes black. the artwork appears on the corner along with plex and the current playback position and a buffering wheel.

but it's only when I'm casting to my chromecast tv's on has a "built-in chromecast" the other is a chromecast dongle.
it doesn't make a difference whether the TV is on wireless or if it's on ethernet, nor does it make a difference if I am watching original or downgrading down to 244p. after a few mins, it does it. it works flawlessly on my cell phone (android) through the app and on the laptops (Linux, Windows).

il have to admit I moved the plex folder again. so originally its located in
/var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support
I moved it to a /mnt/sdb1/plexmediaserver then I added a system link

worked great until that hard drive filled up so I once again moved it to a new hard drive, the same way I did before. removed current symlink and added a new one to the new directory. copied all the files to new directory and turned plex back on.
I thought maybe this was a bandwidth issue but my switch and WAP show low usage memory / CPU / bandwidth, before and during the issue. the server itself has a bonded connection to the switch I doubt I'm hitting the limits on it.

ill attach the logs CPU usage doesn't spike or show any signs of limitations. remotely watching videos at someone else's home via chromecast test hasn't finished yet. ill know in a few...

I've attached the logs, I've rebooted the server before running these tests. so these should be pretty small.


remotely watching it on a chromecast also doesn't work. however, Rokus work just fine :/


If I’m reading your kernel revision correctly, you should have systemd as your initialization process (pid 1).
If so, you don’t need to create symlinks anymore. You’ll be able to directly ‘override’ the default location and point PMS directly to where your Library is. I’ve been seeing some issues when symlinks get involved. I’ve not been able to properly track it down (lack of time)

I have a how-to if you’re interested in making this change and no longer fussing with symlinks.

Secondary, I’m seeing invalid, not understood, or possibly damaged TIFF and other files in your photo library on usb5.

Apr 29, 2018 12:03:13.908 [0x7fb90efff700] ERROR - Format [TIFF] - Error while opening TIFF: data is invalid
Apr 29, 2018 12:03:13.915 [0x7fb90efff700] DEBUG - Updating media item 668238, size=27618301, metadata_item_id=252635

Regarding the ChromeCast versus the Rokus

If the Rokus are working but the ChromeCast isn’t, the server is largely ruled out.

Would you consider 1. power cycle the ChromeCast and, if failing, 2. Reset it and force it to reload the firmware. I’ve seen software updates go sideways almost as frequently as I’ve seen issues with software updates specifically maintaining connections.

in the fwiw, I’m casting to the ChromeCast now
I can also just as easily cast direct to the receiver.
I’ve not experienced this type issue unless the wifi was being cranky


oh my,

i have once updated the service itself and didn’t bother the system links. it worked until the service file was updated haha, so I went back to symlinks. I will definitely be doing this!

the wifi is ubiquity equipment, ill reboot it just in case, and after that ill try hard resetting the chromecast. (not sure how to do that on a built-in tv one though ill have to do some research)

the tiff files, im not sure as all photos on usb5 should be raw cr2 file extensions, the wife is a photographer and usb5 is where she puts her files. ill look into that later though, thanks for the heads up.

Ok I’ll come back after doing the above tests.

Thanks @ChuckPA


Ok I have removed the symlink, used the override config, restarted all network equipment. And factory reset Chromecast. Issue still occurs. (I did a test after each step) :frowning: I’m thinking it’s a chrome cast bug. But I should also mention Netflix and you tube work without error.
At this point I fear I’ll just have to wait until someone finds a bug somewhere.
Thanks for your help.

Update, I have approx 4 different Chromecasts in different home/locations. This is happening on all of them. Which is really weird…


Ok!, it would turn out all I needed to do was restart my server. (i mean obviously I tried sudo systemctl restart plexmediaserver ) but I took it down yesterday for maintenance and ran memtest86 to check my ram on a corrupt data issue I’m experiencing. When I brought it back up I thought to try casting and it worked, watched the whole movie no issues!