Plex stops playback spontaneously on Roku



Usually after 30 minutes or so, the Plex App running on my Roku 3 will suddenly stop playback. This is not caused by a system crash, its as if Plex just thinks it has come to the end of the program. If its a series, it starts playing the next episode. If its a movie, I have to go back and find my place again. Pretty frustrating. Doesn't seem to happen when simply running Plex on my PC.


Could be related to a recent lock-up/reboot situation that has been identified as a Roku issue - the ball is in their court.

If it's not related, I'd be surprised, but it'll take @ljunkie to put a finger on it.


So I am guessing there is not much that I can do about this? Reinstall Plex on Roku?


Well, I don't know for certain. It's all speculation until someone more qualified shows up and makes the diagnosis.

If it's a Plex issue there may be something you can do about it. If it's the buggy Roku Firmware you, along with everybody else, has to wait and see if Roku is willing (and able) to fix their crappy software and give us all an update. If it's an issue with Roku Firmware and it's different from the issue that's already been identified and passed to Roku Engineering, then it would be a great idea to have this new crap identified so it too can be passed to Roku Engineering.

There's one guy I know up to that task - his name is @ljunkie and Roku Engineering LOVES it when he shows up.


Hey, Roku may actually love it when @ljunkie shows up. When that happens Roku knows that everything that can be done, has been done and will probably tell Roku exactly what they need to fix.


Roku has even rebooted on me recently... You are not alone...!


So, I think this is a Plex issue. It just happened while watching a movie on my Plex media server/PC. Not an exclusively Roku problem.


No more info on this problem? I'm literally about to walk away from Plex after a few years use...


I can confirm I've started to have this issue as of today-- can't find much support aside from this thread. Any updates?


7.7 Roku Firmware has basically stopped Rokus in their tracks.

Roku Inc is spinning in circles trying to figure out what to do and right now everything they do makes it worse.


I just updated plex to, using Roku 3.


I have this issue as well. When watching Plex it will stop playback in the middle of a movie and buffer back up. The volume strangely gets louder than it was before as well. I have Roku firmware 7.7 on Roku Ultra.


FW Nightmare 7.7 - design outsourced to 'BellView - Home for the Criminally Insane', while Roku Designers enjoy a holiday in Aruba.

(I wonder if one of those places is where the Plex AFTV team is?)