Plex to Chromecast into cheap garden projector



Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use Plex to cast to my Chromecast while it's plugged into the HDMI in of a cheap projector I bought to use in the garden. Video works fine but I get no sound. The projector doesn't accept AC3 or DTS audio, so I need plex to transcode it to something the projector does understand. I've used the web interface on PMS to tell me what the chromecast is receiving: when sending a file with AC3 audio, PMS direct streams (and I get no sound). When playing a file with DTS audio, PMS trascodes the audio into AC3 (and I get no sound). How can I force my PMS to transcode ALL audio into AAC or, second choice, mp3 (which the projector apparently can understand) when streaming to the Chromecast, but to carry on direct playing everything when watching on my Samsung?


I am in the same boat !
Did you find a solution ?


No, I never solved it. In the end I abandoned trying to use the Chromecast and instead used Plex Media Player from a laptop via HDMI to the projector. Frustrating, but when there's so many variables I guess it's not a surprise when some odd combination doesn't quite work.