Plex Trailers/ Extras are low quality



Hey guys! So I have the Netgear Nighthawk x10. I have been using the Plex application that came with the router, however just recently when I watch trailers/extras on my Apple TV, it has been coming up blurry (low quality). I have a fast speed connection (about 175 Mb per second) the video is perfect quality, but the trailers and extras are very poor. This is recent, like maybe the past 3 weeks. Not sure what would be causing this issue. Anyone know?

P.S. The trailers and extras are clear when I play it on my computer or other devices....It is just bad quality with the Apple TV (I have a Vizio and used the Plex app on that and it was clear too) This makes me believe it has something to do with the Apple TV device, I just don't know what it would be though.


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