Plex Transcoder Flips Orientation of iPhone Portrait Videos



When playing back videos filmed in portrait mode on iPhone, Plex transcoder flips the orientation of the video. So a 2160 x 3840 portrait mode video is played back @ 3840 x 2160, resulting in a stretched video.

Plex iOS version 4.12.1
Plex Server version


Same issue. All my videos taken with my iPhone in Portrait mode play stretched through Plex.


i am having the same issue with videos uploaded to the photo library from my iPhone, mine are running as direct play so no transcoder running. really hoping this gets fixed soon.


same issue


Seeing the same issue with recently recorded video off of an iPhone 6 Plus


Would be nice if Plex fixed this bug.


when, if at all, is this to be fixed?


Good question. Every time I upgrade -- still the same ridiculous issue.


Same issue exhibited here. Setting Quality to Maximum "fixes" the issue, but results in slow/choppy playback. PLEX, you guys are awesome! Please add this to your everlong list of things to fix!

PLEX iOS version 4.17
PLEX server version


Just downloaded and installed



Every client I have does this wrong too.

I use Fire TV, Roku, Web version, iOS, Samsung. They all play the video stretched.



Here is what Google Photos does CORRECTLY versus what Plex does INCORRECTLY!!!


This is ridiculous .... I always have to go back to 1.5.7


Same issue, also still not fixed with last server update...


Sad -- does Plex even review these boards?


So 1.9.0 claims (I think) to have fixed this but after I upgraded and tested it on a video (after refreshing meta data and also analyze) I still see the portrait video incorrectly stretched.

Plex Media Server 1.9.0 is now available to Plex Pass users

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So.....after a library rebuild I see that some work....but some still dont


It appears fixed for mp4 containers (and I assume mkv but don't have any in Portrait) but NOT 'mov' files as used by the little known Apple Corporation.

Plex, this is simple stuff. MOV containers even carry a helpful marker to tell you file orientation. I've just thought, you could use that in your transcodecification process!

Please fix this, it's really annoying (if a bit funny) to watch vids of my kids looking like Oompa Loompas.


Sad. Thanks for figuring that out -- I thought I was going crazy and I re-built my libs (which takes forever when you have ~100k photos/vids). So Plex only fixed this partially.......come on......really? Plex?


Sorry about this, it's fixed internally and there should be a server release with this resolved soon.