Plex VR doesn't respond to "trigger" button



The Plex VR app requires you to click the touchpad on the controller for the Oculus Go. Most apps use the index finger trigger button for selection as well. Is this a bug?


It is not a bug.


Huh, okay. Just some feedback then: when I set up my Go and opened Plex, I thought the app was broken for days before I figured out that only by clicking the touchpad does Plex function. Maybe there should be a toast or something to inform users that the app requires a non-obvious input control?


@BigWheel said:
It is not a bug.

If you have a moment at some point, could you explain why the lack of trigger input is apparently as designed ?


In another post they describe that there are other plans for the trigger without going into detail as to what they are.


Plex VR is pretty annoying to navigate on the Go. Netflix is flakey as well but less so than Plex. I wish there were more standard interfaces and/or more buttons on the go for simple tasks.


It is going to be for Push to Talk for Watch together