Plex VR for Gear VR quits unexpectedly



If I look anywhere outside of the main menu the app freezes then quits. Also if you reset the view and face a different angle then when you were last on, it won't start all the way because the location of the menu is not in the center. Please let me know what is need to help fix this issue.


Can you share app logs after the crash please? Instructions inside the app settings (just click on the “Support” button).

Also, does the crash happen if you switch to the Void environment and look around in there?

Thanks a lot for your help and sorry you’re having issues with the app.


I have attached the server logs, not sure how to get the gear vr data if you need it. Just to warn you verbose logging was on, but I did turn it off and recreated the steps to reproduce the issue. As of writing this post it will now crash just short of the plex logo going away and start rendering the background. I haven’t been able to far enough on it to see options for changing the background. Oh Also using galaxy s8.


Update: re-installed, re-linked, went to settings right away clicked on void, then crashed and back to where I was before.

I had to re-install my server recently, made sure verbose logging was disabled and uploaded the latest logs to help you out.