PLEX VR - no movement controle



Hey guys,
I have a problem with the Plex VR App. Ive played some games and watched some youtube videos. I have zero issues with the system. Now i want to watch some movies over the plex vr client and if i start the app. It wont present me the app in 2 screen mode and i cant see anything sharp in the headset. If i open the frontload i see that the app seems very normal. I cant move the head (handy) to see something else of the screen. In easy words the headtracking or movement wont work. What i do wrong? Whats the Problem? The normal client can connect to my PMS and play all fine.
Can anyone help me?

Client Version:

Client Version VR:



Which phone are you using? And which headset?

Did you install the app through Google Play or through the Oculus / Gear VR store?

Sorry for all the questions but it’s important information.


LG V30

Google Daydream View 2017

And The App coms from The Google Play Store. Ive did update the vr Services from google too.

No problem i want your help so ask many u want! :wink:


Ive did some screen records. I can not upload the video. I can use the google daydream controller and move and point on titels. But the screen isnt half and half as other applications…


Very strange. Does the problem happen if you start the app from the Daydream launcher?

Regardless of what the answer is, may I recommend uninstalling the Daydream app and installing it again?

You could also try uninstalling updates for the Google VR Services app, clearing its data, and then installing the updates again from Google Play.


Hey there,
Ive reinstall the updates with no effect. After this i stoped all (daydream, services, keyboard and plex vr) delete the data and deinstalled it. After this i reinstalled it from the store to the latest version. I paired the controller and load the plex vr app out of the daydream application. After i started the app i need to give the app the rights. This was again not in VR splitted view. I pressed with the controller the button and it switched back to VR mode and say that i need to pickup my phone out of the daydream. I did so and the give it access to all features. After this it say that i reinsert the phone. I did and again i cant see it in VR - Mode. I just see only one screen not splited.

Whats wrong and what can i do? Is it just dont recognize my phone? Do you have any second level mechanism?