Plex VR Problems



Are there any Plex VR users out there experiencing these issues...

  1. I can watch a movie in Plex VR no problem. A friend of mine can watch a movie in Plex VR no problem (even one of my movies from my Plex Cloud). But we cannot watch that movie TOGETHER. We have no problem seeing each other online. Either one of us can invite the other. We see each other’s avatars. But when either of us starts the movie, the curtains get about halfway down, then rise again. The movie never plays - the same movie that either of us can watch on our own without issue. We successfully watched a movie together about 2 weeks ago without issue. Nothing has changed on our end. It just no longer works.

  2. Being able to talk when together has never reliably worked. The push-to-talk approach is unreliable and spotty. I see an option in there that forces push-to-talk even when using a wired headset. To me that implied that if you do not select that option, then if you have a wired headset, shouldn’t it just work without having to push anything? But that does not seem to be the case.

We both have the newest version of the Galaxy Daydream. We both have a Samsung Galaxy 8. We both use the wired earbuds/microphone that comes with the phone. We are both Plex Pass members (as it seems to be ambiguous whether or not both people involved need to be Plex Pass members for this to work).

Naturally this is quite frustrating as the app was released to much fanfare. I see a lot of posts on these boards where people are having problems. There appears no way to receive technical support (even for paying members) other than posting to the board. Yet nobody from Plex reliably answers.

Hopefully we can all help each other figure it out if there is a solution within our control.