Plex Web Versions



First, let me say I love Plex and love the Plex Web app.
I've been wondering about this for a while now, but today I had an update on my Plex Media Server ( that was apparently just updating the Web app from 3.53.6 to 3.53.7. I was previsouly on PMS
When I refreshed my browser, the version number for my Plex Web app was 3.55.3.
So then I pulled up the forums and looked up the release announcement for Plex Web and it said the latest version is 3.55.3.

I've noticed this back when I first started using Plex, but everything works so I just didn't worry about it. I'm just curious why there's a difference.

Thanks in advance for helping me to understand! :)


basically there's 2 versions of Plex Web...
1. the version installed on your Plex Media Server -- you can access it through a URL like this https://your-pms-ip-address:32400/web
2. the online version hosted by Plex themselves -- it's available at

the hosted/online version is always the latest and newest version of Plex Web (as per the release announcement -- current version is 3.55.3). the version installed with your server is usually a bit behind (3.53.7 with the latest update of PMS


That's what I was thinking. I didn't think to check the local version.

Thank you very much!