Plex Windows 10 & Kodi Windows HEVC issue



Hi all,

I have a Tronsmart Aria X5 mini Windows 10 PC (clean windows 10 install btw!). It supports HEVC 10 bit video files.

Anyways, using the desktop Plex version for Windows (not Windows store version). I can play from my local server (Nvidia Shield & NAS) my 1080p HEVC x265 10bit files no problem with no transcoding (Direct Play). This is all on a wired network.

When using the Kodi (latest stable version) with the Plex add on. My files above (HEVC 10 bit) video stutter really really bad that it's unwatchable. I DO have the HEVC playback option selected in the Plex settings. I have tried it without it on too, but as one would assume, the video transcodes which I don't want.

I've tried the latest development build 64bit client of Kodi, but Plex doesn't work at all on that for me.

How can I get this to work, as I would like the benefits of Kodi and Plex integrated into one for my needs?

I'm baffled why they work with the Plex windows but not via the add on in Kodi Windows

Help please! :)


do they work in kodi itself without using plex add-on?


@BigWheel said:
do they work in kodi itself without using plex add-on?

No they don’t. Just tried that this evening. I’ve made sure the hardware acceleration is disabled in Kodi (and I’ve tried it with it on). My hevc video files run terribly away from the Plex desktop app.


My only suggestion is that Kodi is not implementing hardware decoding. I’m not sure if the Quicksync features of this GPU are being detected and implemented. I have a Skylake CPU from around the same time and it only supports h265 8-bit not 10 hardware decoding. The Plex media player does seem to do a better job than VLC but very high CPU utlilisation anyway. Would assume the Kodi process is pegging the CPU at 100% causing the choppy playback.


The addon’s been updated to v18, in the beta repo. If all goes well, we’ll push it out to the Kodi repo. There is a current bug in the Kodi build in the Microsoft Storehough, where most addons don’t work (locale bug) that will be fixed in next week’s build.
It also had a HEVC bug, which should be fixed in the next build.

If you’re impatient, add your email to this pre-release list to get early test builds as quick as possible: